Out Now: Sarah P. – Berlin During Winter (Holly Remix)

Am 12. Mai 2017 erscheint Sarah P.’s Solo-Debut-Album Who Am I. Die erste Single „Berlin During Winter“, welche im Januar erschien, wurde vom portugiesischen Produzenten Holly geremixt. Während sich „Berlin During Winter“ zwischen Dreampop und schweren Gitarrenriffs bewegt, ist Holly’s Remix sonniger: Tropical House trifft auf Trap und Chill-Out Vibes.

Zum Remix Release von „Berlin During Winter“ sagt Sarah P.:
It’s pretty much a month since I shared with you the first track of my upcoming record Who Am I. I’m really thankful for all the spins and the lovely notes you sent me. I’m really grateful to all of you and genuinely amazed by your support and feedback. Today, I’m writing to share with you a piece of sunshine. Holly, a very talented young man from Portugal, reworked Berlin During Winter and gave it a South European treatment. And it got sunny and summery – definitely nostalgic and eerie. It lost its rocky edge, but for a very reassuring beat and calming piano melody that’s embracing the words and the feelings. Berlin During Winter is not depressive now – it’s just melancholic, like a beautiful girl with dark lips and a nonchalantly empty look. But she’s got more to it, the song’s got more to it.

Berlin During Winter (Holly Remix)

Berlin During Winter