Sarah P. kuratiert Indiemono’s Sad Songs Spotify Playlist

It was a tough winter with so many things to process. Core values are at stake, people’s lives are at stake and this is a reality that we face – a dance that we must dance. But fear not – I know first hand that many artists out there are writing songs for you and I and all the people who care and worry about what’s to come next. I know it because I got the chance to curate with Indiemono their sad songs playlist on Spotify and I came across so many wonderfully talented people. – Sarah P.

Sarah P. kuratiert Indiemono’s Sad Songs Spotify Playlist. Damit erhält die größte Playlist über traurige Musik neuen Input und gibt unterschiedlichsten Arten trauriger Musik eine Plattform.

„Berlin During Winter“, die erste Single von Sarah P.’s kommendem Debutalbum Who Am I, ist ab sofort überall erhältlich.