Sarah P. releases new single “I’d Go” from upcoming EP “Free”

Sarah P. - Press Photo 2015 - by Christoph Neumann
Sarah P. – Photo by Christoph Neumann

“I’d Go”, the first single of Sarah P.‘s upcoming EP “Free”, just premiered via Kaltblut Magazine and is now available for streaming on Soundcloud. This song was the last brick of her EP. It was written and recorded spontaneously in only one afternoon and is a rather positive song about deciding to move forward – no matter what.
On her first solo EP, the Athenean songsmith is exploring the journey of breaking free from one’s demons. “Free” is unfolding in seven songs and is divided in two parts/emotions. The first part is about those moments when one knows that it’s about time to change things but because of the society’s rules and standards, this person is left high and dry. The second part is watching this person revolting again all those philistines who put him/her down. “Free”will be released on Sarah P.’s birthday on Dec 14th via her very own label EraseRestart.
“I’d Go” is the exact moment when the heroine of this story decides to get out of her comfort zone and to -reluctantly in the beginning but fiercely by the end – fight and break from her chain ball.
Let the uplifting pop song take you on a mind trip and read Sarah P.’s article on her new single “I’d Go”.

“I’d Go” will be available on all streaming services and digital stores on the 18th of September.